Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine party

 I wanted to have a Valentine's Day party and after talking to the kiddos they all agreed that we should have one for Kinsey and her friends. (Cailey had a Christmas party, Braden went to the Lego movie/dinner with his friends...and Ephram is 4...but his sister and brother ARE trying to talk me into an Easter egg hunt for him:) 

It was SO fun to plan for these little girls and much easier having just one age group coming. We planned games, food, and crafts for the party.

The first thing they did when they walked in was estimate how many hearts were in a jar. All my kiddos love doing that!

Since they were here from 4-7 we served dinner and LOTS of yummy treats. There was a variety of red and pink candy, red fruit kabobs, strawberry chocolate chunk brownies, red velvet white chocolate chip cookies, strawberry fudge, red velvet waffles, cherry salad, and heart shaped bacon.  All the goodies (except for the dinner food) was set out on the table as the girls came in. The kids and I already had it decorated for Valentine's day but added more to the dining room and homeschool room. I gotta admit it was SO cute for these girls!

 They played quite a few games and could have played them all! In this picture they were trying to see how many heart candies they could stack in one minute. It's much harder than it looks! They also played Valentine's bingo, musical hearts (to Frozen music), and several more 'minute to win it' type games.

 Lilly, Emily Ruth, Alyssa, Audrey, Lydia, Kinsey, and Rachel
are the sweet girls who came

 bingo! they played round after round of this!

 seeing how many times they could roll doubles in 1 minute

they played the game with the straw/heart candy and tried to see how many
hearts they could collect by sucking air through the straw

 The girls did two crafts. When they first came in they decorated bags for their Valentines to go in.  They also made mosaic hearts.

 While they were waiting for the waffles and bacon to be finished they played 'I spy' with only pink and red things...that was hilarious! Pretty much everything around was pink or red! Cailey was so sweet and played a couple piano songs while they were eating.

 time to pass out goodies!

This was a kiss hunt....they found all 14 then had to put them in order without talking or showing
each other what number they had. It was pretty humorous as the only ones that were right were 1 and 14!  We talked about how when we communicate with each other and work together it's a LOT easier to figure things out.

There were verses about love written up in several places and I asked the girls to come up with as many bible verses with the word love mentioned. They did good and thought of ones that we didn't think of the day before! Thankful for the only PERFECT love. That seemed to be the theme this week at our house:)

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