Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My 37th Birthday

I had a GREAT birthday this year! I had my favorite birthday cake for breakfast before we went to church. Afterwards we went to Golden Corral for brunch (I only like the breakfast there but everyone else likes the lunch). So basically my lunch was second breakfast:). With cotton candy for dessert. 

 We had to leave by 4:30 to be back at church so we wanted to get as much in as possible. I LOVE the movie Frozen and wanted Brian to see it while it was still in the theater so we went there next. As we were sitting there we both realized that it's the first time EVER we've all been to a movie together. Was kinda a neat moment.  They all loved the movie as much as I did and now sing along with me when I played the soundtrack on repeat:).  Brian doesn't sing with us but he did like the movie and doesn't mind the music...on repeat...day after day:)

We went roller skating after the movie!! I love roller skating (I'm not very good at it but I have fun:)  and haven't been in years ...but that's what I chose to do and the kids couldn't wait. It was Ephram's first time skating and he went around several times. He liked holding my hand and having me pull him...or having me hold him but that gets dangerous fast!

I'm thankful Brian was there because even though he won't skate...ever...he was able to take some pics:).  Usually I'm not in pictures when I do fun things with the kids but with Brian there I have it documented that indeed, mommy did roller skate!
We only had time to skate for a little over and hour then rushed back over to church for small group, Awana, and Elevate.

The day ended just as yummy as it started. With a piece of pistachio pound cake. I love my family and had such a FUN birthday. Having it on the weekend was great because usually we just do school and have activities to go to. Maybe we'll make this a tradition:). Mama loves traditions!
proof that my honey was with us...and the only picture we managed to get that day!

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