Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

 Breakfast was a new recipe this year...homemade pink cinnamon rolls, strawberries, and pink milk

 the girlies

 Cailey was SO sweet and thoughtful! She made all of us Valentine's and we had no idea! She personalized each card with both the color AND her art work. Mine had ostriches, Brian's had UNC Ramses, Ephram's had a dog, etc. She gave daddy a hershey kiss, Braden and Kinsey got gum, Ephram got a giant super hero pen, and she gave me "your very own eraser!" because I'm constantly needing one. Very thoughtful girl!

 my little valentines

 Their lunch: red peppers and tomatoes shaped like a heart, red fruit with pink yogurt (fondue style), heart sandwiches, strawberry milkshakes, and heart cakes.
 "Mommy..I want to make my fruit into a corn on the cob"
 milk shake mustache
 he was surprised to see the inside of the cake was RED:)

 snack was special sodas, dried pomegranates, and watermelon

 this was my favorite part of the day! the kids and I went on bike rides together. the weather was PERFECT and sunny...and the snow was melting away.

 Ephram played some Valentine file folder games while I made dinner

 thankful to catch this sweet moment of Cailey reading ALL the Valentine's Day books to Ephram

 We had bbq chicken pizza and heart shaped pepperoni/ham/cheese pizza for dinner to go with our red peppers, tomatoes, and cranberries.

Since it was Friday night we had our Family Movie Night and watched Shrek's a love story, afterall:).

It gives me JOY to do these fun things with/for the kiddos. They are only going to be with me for a very short time and I love serving them. I love seeing their faces when they come down to the fun meals prepared for them. Every year is different based on activities/time/circumstances but this year we didn't have much going on so I was able to plan more fun things:)

We also talked about the only perfect love today. The love who died for each of us...who is always there for us. We had a fun bible time thinking about all the verses that talk about love. All FOUR of them were able to come up with at least one.  That makes my heart happy!

my valentine
Poor Brian was sick all day but we will be going out next Friday night to celebrate OUR love:)

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