Friday, February 21, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Journey had a daddy/daughter dance so the girls got all 'dolled' up in dresses of their choice. 

My lovey girls

They were so excited for Daddy to come home and practiced dancing all day.

I loved helping them get ready and even let Cailey have a little lip stick

They chose Jason's Deli for dinner (not knowing they would have PDQ dinner there...oops) but poor Kinsey got a bad stomach ache and begged to come home!  She felt MISERABLE and came home to go straight to bed:(.

Brian headed back with Cailey where she had a date with just daddy. Out of all the daddy/daughter dances they've been to, this one was the most fun/organized. They taught the kids and dads all kinds of new dances!

Cailey and Daddy had a GREAT time together...and thankfully Kinsey felt MUCH better the next morning.

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