Monday, February 10, 2014

Ephram's 4th Gotcha Day!

 How I LOVE celebrating this special day every year! We read his Korea book, watch his video, look back at baby pictures, and focus on Ephram. This morning he decided he wanted lots of little chocolate donuts (which he's never had before) instead of his usual GIANT chocolate on with sprinkles. When he was eating them he said, "I like these a lot better because they aren't as messy."

 When I asked him how he wanted to spend his day he said "I want to do inventions."  Ephram started out by taking all of his 'supplies' outside and began using that awesome imagination of his. He loves random things. Boxes that come in the mail, toilet paper rolls, ripped up t shirts (that purple's actually a ripped up t shirt), wood scraps...he loves it all. Today he used his plastic saw to cut pieces of cardboard too.

 after a while he got cold but insisted on staying outside. he kept up the 'inventing' (as he calls it:) until lunch time.
 this boy

 For lunch he requested a lunchable (hilarious to this mama...they NEVER eat those...we NEVER buy them!), bbq chips, and a juice box.
 I was able to convince him to stay inside so he built a fort in the family room while the Olympics were on in the background. This is the ONE time we actually have tv on during the day. We watch pre recorded (so I can fast forward) Olympic events from the night before...SO fun! Ephram's favorite was the snowboarding. He pretty much focused on his fort unless that was the event being shown.

 He dragged down pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and everything he needed.

Ephram told Brian that this was 'The Best Day EVER!' Basically he did 'inventions', I read him tons of library books, he watched some Olympics, and we played games. I love how easy it is to please this little guy. Having a 'dog party' with him in the evening just made his day even BETTER. 

Ephram asked for a cookies and cream milk shake and chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. He only ended  up having the milkshake...this boy:).

Beyond thankful God chose US to be his parents!

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