Saturday, February 1, 2014


It started as bad croup one night. Poor guy couldn't breathe for a few nights so we had him sit in a steamy bathroom and got a humidifier. He's had croup before but never this was scary! Once I calmed him down by reading him book after book I was able to talk to him about not crying when he starts coughing because that just makes it harder to breathe. He was fine after that talk and totally understood that crying made it worse.

After a few nights it was gone.

Then he woke up and went through an entire box of tissue before 9:30 am. Poor guy had a really runny nose and runny eyes. Basically a bad cold. It was obvious he didn't feel well either because he just wanted to lay around.

I kept him home from church because I didn't want him picking up ANYthing else since he's already sick. Ephram's poor face under his nose is raw and scabbed from all the wiping...even though we put vaseline (baseline according to ephram) on it.

Right now Ephram is playing outside in the 60 degree weather. I'm hoping he feels 100% better tomorrow!

Thankfully NO ONE has had the terrible stomach bug going around and I pray it stays that way!

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