Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sci Works

 We went to Sci Works in Winston Salem on the way 'home' from Laura's house. I'm so thankful for the passes we got...so far we've been able to go to Marble's twice, the Durham museum, and now Sci Works for free! The kids LOVED it! Above they were learned how air pressure works.

 trying to figure out how to make a cube from wooden puzzle pieces..
some of these were really tricky!

 There were all different rooms filled with hands on Science activities.
This room had a giant tree house, a small stream to 'fish in' and life size

 We saw snakes, owls, racoons, a variety of bugs, fish, turtles, frogs, and other birds

 There was also a big model of a beaver dam that the kids could go in.

 Our crew...notice it was the PERFECT day to go there. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.

 The music room was a hit for sure. They loved walking on the GIANT carpeted piano (complete with music)

 more music exploration

 Next up we went into a room filled with these rectangle wooden blocks. We always love building with these at the Durham Life and Science Museum but this was neat because they had pictures that gave ideas.
 Rebecca, Braden, and Cailey built some of the samples but the rest of the kiddos made up their own creations.

 They had AWESOME ideas!  The castle was pretty amazing!

 We went to the human body room last. There was a giant operation game...super fun.

 learning about the different stages of pregnancy

 They had all kinds of information on the human body. Braden learned about eyes and ears...and there was even a tuning fork:). Thankfully my audiology class helped me know what to do with that (thank you college degree:).

 My nightmare...a GIANT section of drills, teeth cleaning stuff...complete with this mouth. I had to get my kiddos to stop playing with the drill.

We spent several hours in Sci Works and easily could have spent more.

There happened to be a Krispy Kreme less than a mile away so we stopped there for a snack before driving home.

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