Sunday, February 23, 2014


 this is how it starts...small and innocent:)

 Ephram asked for "my very own tape" for Christmas. He got some scotch tape in his stocking and used it up halfway into January. He made his 'inventions', paper airplanes, and creations all over the homeschool room. He LOVES tape.

One of their Valentine's gifts was washi tape.  He got some with dogs all over it and I told him we could do fun crafts with he should save it for special times. 

Ephram decided to use it to tape things on the walls, his bunkbed, and his creations. He pretty much lived on the landing for two days with his washi tape. He brought down blankets, his dogs, and
and before long the wall was covered in tape...but daddy
made him take it down:)

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