Sunday, February 16, 2014

Second Snow!

 We had threats of snow for a few days and as usual my attitude was, "I'll believe it when I see it." 12:00 came and went with no snow. But then ...a while later we saw it!  SNOW!  It was coming down FAST too!  It reminded me of a Massachusetts snow, covering the grass, roofs, and trees within 30 minutes.

 This was 10 minutes after it started

 they were just a TEENY bit excited about more snow:)

 this was good WET snow too...yummy for eating and perfect for SNOWMEN and SNOWBALLS!

 Mama was just a bit excited too:)

 Later in the afternoon we went out to play some more

 the snow was great for sledding and the girls found a hill much closer to go down

 Once again I look at this girl and see the JOY that exudes from her face

 Cailey was so sweet to help the neighbor shovel his driveway

 this guy was warming up inside and INSISTED he wouldn't be coming out again because it was too cold. I responded with, "Buddy, once you warm up you'll want to go back out. You always do:)"

Sure enough after 20 minutes inside out came my buddy with NO coat on!  I told him he was going to freeze and he said, "But mommy, at least I have a hat and one glove on!" He sure keeps us laughing!

I love this picture because it reminds us all of the Chronicles of Narnia. It was taken in Susan and John's backyard after all the sledding fun.

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