Monday, February 24, 2014

learning from the village

"Cross your heart
Hope to Fly
Stick a Cupcake in your eye"

Ephram was saying this, complete with hand motions and I thought it was much nicer than the version they said when I was a kid!  When I asked him where he learned it, he looked at Kinsey. She learned it from a neighborhood friend. It's amazing to see what things they pick up and learn from each other...and at times scary.

Cailey learned from a neighborhood friend this weekend that a 7th grader at her school was pregnant. I can't believe we are at the age of having to explain how/why these things happen...but am thankful she comes to me and still shares her thoughts. I'm thankful that we can talk about it openly and talk about how the choices we make always have consequences...whether good or bad.

Other people will always influence our kiddos...and they will 'learn' sayings, etc. from them. Homeschooling doesn't mean sheltering. They learn from church friends, neighborhood friends, co op friends, etc.

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Carrie said...

Jake (my son) is in the 7th grade...I feel so blessed to be able to homeschool him and your post reminded me of that!