Friday, February 28, 2014

Surprise Date

 The sky was black and rain was falling all around. Lightning flashed. Thunder and wind boomed and howled. I had some scared kiddos.

They had just gone swimming at the Y so we were driving home in the storm. I decided to surprise them so their minds wouldn't be focused on the weather. (Tornadoes were expected that day.)

 I pulled into the Harris Teeter shopping center where they thought I was going coupon shopping. Instead I said, "RUN!" so they followed me into San Carlo. This was a SPECIAL treat. I was taking them to my favorite Italian restaurant for lunch. They were so excited, not one word was mentioned about the storm.

I love that in the middle of a storm, on a Friday, after swimming...we were able to go out to a 'fancy' lunch together. I'm thankful for homeschooling in moments like this.

Braden got to fill up on all the mussels and clams he wanted:). (and meatballs, lasagna, mushrooms, sausage and peppers, etc.:)

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