Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Fool's!

 It's been a while since April Fool's day but I just found these pictures and had to post them. I always do silly things on April Fool's day and this year was no different. Now that the kids are getting older I can REALLY get them:). I put eyeballs on all the fridge items just for fun.

 this was awesome!! I wet a toilet paper roll and squished it up to look like poop then asked each of the kids separately (and Brian) if they knew who had pooped all over the bathroom.

it was SO hard to keep a straight face!
 this was Cailey's!  Ephram was hilarious and kept telling me that he did NOT poo poo on the!  Brian and Braden came home later and had a similar reaction as Cailey.

Cailey pulled a joke on Braden too...she wrapped up dirty underwear and said it was an early birthday gift. yuck!

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