Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

We answered the call at church to make room for visitors on Sunday morning by going to church on Saturday night. Braden and Brian went on a run early while these two guys helped me make a yummy cinnamon roll breakfast. (Cailey was still sleeping.)

We had orange juice (a commodity in our house and something that never lasts longer than a few hours), cheesy eggs, fruit, and cinnamon roll bake.

after cleaning up breakfast the kids were excited to find their baskets!  Ephram's was in the book basket and Kinsey's was behind the rocking chair in the dining room.

These two had a much harder time finding their baskets because usually they find them so fast! Cailey's was hidden under towels in the dryer and Braden's replaced the recycling can!  We actually had to give them lots of hints this year and really had them stumped.

We needed new bubbles and these two both got them in their baskets. Daddy went to the neighborhood park to hid eggs so we went out in the front to enjoy the gorgeous day and celebrate the Risen King!

While we were waiting for Brian to be finished the firetruck pulled up to check the hydrant. We couldn't resist checking it out and talking to the nice firefighters. The kids told them that they should come to the end of the neighborhood so they could get some candy:)

We hid eggs color coded again this year because it makes things fair and fun for all. There were also 'special' eggs hidden that anyone could grab.

Kinsey found pink eggs

Ephram had light blue

Cailey had lime green (instead of turquoise so she and ephram wouldn't
get confused over who had which blue egg)

Braden had yellow

Look who came to check the fire hydrants in the back of the neighborhood while the kids were hunting!  Of course all the kids ran to give them candy and say thank you:)

the golden egg was found by Braden this year!

checking out the loot while i was cooking

we had fun dyeing eggs

snapping beans for me to cook:)

we had one crack but all the others turned out gorgeous!

While I was prepping the sides there was soccer, basketball, and baseball played by daddy and the a few neighbor kids.

Later I called them in to make resurrection rolls. I love these and the meaning behind them.

daddy carving the ham

We had enough food for an army!  There was ham, green beans, pineapple casserole, sauteed mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and biscuits.

Ephram couldn't wait to see what was inside the tomb (resurrection roll)

it was empty!

forty days of lent

eating candy and playing outside after dinner

Then came our favorite part of the day. We do this several times during lent but on Easter daddy reads the Benjamin book and goes through the resurrection eggs.

We had a wonderful Easter day!
He is risen, indeed

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