Friday, April 11, 2014

Sewing, Organizing, and Youth Group, Oh my!

     On Saturday after breakfast and morning devotions the women and girls headed to the sewing workshop while the guys went to paint a building. The morning devotion was taught by Emily and Nolan's dad and was based on 2Timothy 2. Paul was still in jail and he was also still praying to God and worshiping him. If I were Paul then I'm sure I would be jumping up and down and mad that God hadn't gotten me out of the jail yet. I clearly have a long way to go before I'll be like Paul. I struggle with even drinking plain water!

     At the sewing workshop the girls and young women got to finish their shorts. I was able to help pin, sew, and take out stitches. At the end Mrs. Lora did a bible study for the girls. She also showed an example of how to make an apron or shirt using just an old pillow case! I also got to learn a little more Spanish from Madeline and enjoy some jolly ranchers brought by Mrs. Lora while talking to Laura and Merci (Dominican children my age) from the church. At noon we said our goodbye's to the people at the sewing workshop and headed to the church for a lunch of chicken, rice, and a fried banana which I surprisingly loved!

     After lunch one of the people in charge of the church showed us a storage room that needed to be cleared and organized and our mission time happily agreed to do the job because that's what they needed help with. It was a big task but with all of us working together it went a lot faster.  By three thirty the room was completely organized so the our mission team headed to the hotel to rest and get changed out of our sweaty clothes to get ready for youth group.

     Cherie gave us and hour and a half to do that so I got to go swimming with Cora, Julia, and Emily for forty five minutes.

     That night at youth group what we did first was sing some songs in Spanish. It was cool because I knew the song perfectly in English but I just couldn't figure out the words in Spanish. Next we played a game called steal the beanbag which was exactly like steal the bacon except they called the numbers out in Spanish.The teenagers love that game ESPECIALLY the boys. After that we played another fun game [ I forgot what it was called ] before singing a few more songs and listening to the short sermon preached by Jeremy.

     After youth group Miguel drove us to the church for a hotdog, chip, and fruit dinner. Soon after leaving the church  we walked to a fancy pizza place a short distance from the hotel. I got to eat a slice of yummy cheese pizza while being entertained by a man singing romantic songs in Spanish. Saturday was wonderful and I loved all the events that went on that day, even cleaning and organizing for people that didn't have the time to do it.

     I noticed that Dominicans eat much smaller serving sizes than Americans. The people who cooked for us worked so hard and would start cooking for the next meal as soon as we were done eating.

By Cailey

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