Thursday, April 3, 2014

Random thoughts about today.

By the time you read this Cailey, Brian, and I will be headed to the Dominican Republic for our first mission trip. We'd love for you to pray for us while we are gone.

We are flying to Miami then on to the DR.

We will be working with children in a sewing shop, a baseball ministry, landscaping, running two church services, and teaching art in schools. Basically we are going to an existing ministry and helping out wherever we are needed.

'Flexibility' has been the main word we've been given to focus on. As a type A person, I don't always to well with flexibility but since we've been praying about this word for months I feel like I'm prepared. (famous last words...ha ha ha). Being there with Cailey is going to help me SO very much because I want to be strong and an example for her.

Cailey will be teaching a bible lesson on Daniel in the evening church service on Sunday. I'll be leading the craft...lion puppets. Neither one of us can picture how it's going to work with an interpreter so it'll be completely new for us both.

I know very BASIC Spanish but was sure to review, "Donde esta el bano?". Girlfriend needs a bathroom:).

Pollo. Yall pray for the food situation. I want to be open but know I'm SO very picky. Brian and Cailey are looking forward to the new foods which I LOVE.

Aqua.  Yall pray no one gets sick from the water or anything else. We will only be there for five days and want to be able to serve and be healthy the entire trip.

Pray for the people there that we really WILL be a help. Pray for the kids, that they will see Jesus in us. Pray for our hearts, that we will be open and flexible. Pray for logistics and safety.

Pray for Cailey. Pray that it will be life changing for her and she can be open to what God has to show her there. Pray that it will give her a new perspective...and a thankful heart. Pray that it will light a fire in her...well in all three of share share share the Gospel!

Pray for Brian who will be spending his time establishing a website for them down there. That all the technology will work and he will be able to really help them while he's there. We are thankful that they needed someone who was computer savvy and that Brian can help out in this way.

Pray for my mama who will be here watching Kinsey, Braden, and Ephram. I know they will be super sweet but a nonny can always use prayer:). Oh..and pray she doesn't get lost!! I get my sense of direction from her:).

Pray for my Braden boy who will not be with us for his 10th birthday. It's on Sunday. I pray he will know how much he is loved even when we're far away. I have NO doubt that Nonny will spoil him like crazy but it still makes me sad.

Pray for my Ephram boy. I'm pretty sure he'll be fine since Braden and Kinsey will be home too but one never knows how it's gonna go for the 'baby':). Pray that he will stay WELL and not have any sickness (which would make for a hard night on Nonny).

Pray for my Kinsey girl. Just cuz.

Thank you. Thank you for supporting us financially and in prayer. It was such a relief to know that so many people (even those we don't know) are supporting us.

 Thank you to Pam, who will be taking our kiddos to awana on Sunday.

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Carrie said...

We are praying for you and your family (at home and abroad) to have safety and be an instrument in the Lord's hands...and to be flexible! :)