Thursday, April 17, 2014

Braden's Birthday

 Ephram made Braden a birthday present and wrapped it all by himself. We gave Braden his gifts before we went to the DR since his birthday fell while we were gone. Mom was SURE to spoil him but we wanted to celebrate again when we came home.

Brian and I got Braden ALL the Lego characters from The Lego Movie!  He was SO excited!

 We went to subway for lunch..but since we walked, we didn't bring the B plate. Breakfast was pancakes and fruit salad.

 Braden wanted to make pizza for dinner. I helped him with the dough then he made some yummy BBQ chicken pizza.

 I also made calzones to go with it:)

 Braden wanted to go to a UNC game for his birthday date and thankfully there was
one that evening!

 Braden, Brian, and I are the only ones who love baseball in the fam. (Not sure if Ephram will like it when he's older but he wasn't a fan of the Durham Bull's game)


 he could choose ANYthing to eat...and wanted a pretzel!

 we had great seats and saw Kennedy Meeks and Marcus Paige a few rows down!

Game- Monopoly
Sport- running
Food- mushrooms
Meal- steak, mushrooms, and chocolate ice cream
Drink- root beer
Song- Everything is Awesome (LEGO movie)
Movie-Star Wars IV
Thing to do outside- catching fireflies
Color- yellow
Dessert-anything chocolate
Toy- Legos
Thing to do- play the wii
Book- Hardy Boys
Season- fall
Place to go- Nonny and Poppy's
Subject in School-math
What do you want to be when you grow up?- an Orthodontist and a NICU doctor

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