Monday, April 14, 2014


I didn't realize how quickly we would form bonds with the mission team. It's surreal coming back to reality and leaving the people you lived/ate/served with for six days. I know it sounds weird to be close to someone after only six days but man I really miss those people!

The missionary families we got to know, students, church members, and school staff are missed too. Brian and I find our selves talking about them more and more...and just thinking about their daily lives compared to ours. We've grown closer as a family...and as a couple from this amazing trip. There isn't any 'one' thing but just the whole experience caused us to want to slow down, serve more, and rid our lives of the meaningless.

Small stuff does NOT matter. Forgiving, moving on, and continuing life is the way to go. Forgiveness seems to be a confusing concept for some. It is a verb. An action word. When you choose to forgive it means you choose to not think about it anymore. To not hold past sins against someone. To continue to reconcile and choose the better path.  This rings true of our children as well. I realized that I struggled with not forgiving easily for dumb things or just bringing up past (as in the past 40 min) when something else was done. We have to let it go. (Insert Elsa). Even the BIG things. EVERYTHING. We just have to let it go. How will our children learn to forgive if it is not modeled well for them? I would hate to have God say that He forgives me but I can't talk to him anymore. Or He forgives me but He can't be around me anymore. Or He forgives me but feels 'awkward' around me. He just FORGIVES. I forgive you BUT... is not forgiveness. I forgive you AND I love you no matter what. It's so so hard and a constant struggle but it brings peace and is commanded to us in the Bible.

It really amazes me to be gone for such a short time and have so many thoughts swimming around in my head.

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