Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Biker boy!

 It was time to teach my littlest guy how to ride a bike. He wasn't too excited about it but thankfully was VERY brave and did great..even when he fell over and over again. There were no tears, just cheers. The kids were SO very excited for him!

 I spent about 30 minutes playing the balance game with him then following him around and 'letting him go'. When he was DONE we went inside and just talked about how exciting it was.

 Fast forward to a WEEK later when it was warm again (after snow/rain/ice, etc.) and all I ever saw him doing was riding a scooter. The time had come to take him out on his bike again (because I knew he wanted to be riding it with everyone else). He would have gladly accepted his training wheels back but this mama wasn't giving up.

Ephram was nervous about riding and wasn't really looking forward to it when he got on the bike. I just encouraged him to try and told him I wouldn't let go and would stay with him. After 5 minutes he was ready (even though he didn't know it) so I let go. And he was balanced! And could ride by himself!  We were SO excited for him!  He still wasn't too sure about it but after going back and forth for 10 minutes he realized that he no longer needed me. My baby could ride a bike by himself!  Brian and Braden were out on a run so he wanted to ride until they got home so they could see him. They were also shocked and excited for him. 

A ton of neighbors were outside too (since the weather was gorgeous) and they were cheering him on as well. He celebrated with ice cream breaks but kept wanting to go right back to riding. He needed a boost to start the bike and I figured it would be a few weeks before he was able to do that by himself but boy was I wrong!  He learned how to do it and as Brian pointed out he "no longer needed his mama". Sniff Sniff. 

I have now taught all four kiddos how to ride their bikes...and they all learned on the same bike. These days they have balance bikes for kids but I think they are silly. Just a waste of can learn without those! Kinsey told me that I was an awesome mom because I taught them all how to ride. It made me smile:).  

Ephram and I went out to get a prize today and he picked another tool set. He spent all day outside riding his bike or using his new tools. 

I have a feeling he'll be out bright and early tomorrow morning riding more. He loves it so much!  Now we just gotta get him swimming and then I can breathe easier:). My boy is growing up!

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