Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday in the DR

 This morning we had a little more time before we had to leave since church started at 10. We met to do our bible study then walked on the beach for a little while.
 the kids

 the men


 some girlies

 There was a random metal structure on the way to church everyday and I was finally able to take a picture of it. There were all sorts of metal statues on the bottom of it...just seemed kind of out of place in such a poor country.

 We got to church early so there would be plenty of time to set up for the service. We split into two groups so that half of us would attend the service while the other half led children's church.

The kids tried to do double dutch and kept working hard until finally some of them were able to get it!
 Then we went down to one rope and I suggested the mama's show the kids how to do it:)

 and the daddies were convinced to try...good sports!

 soon the church kids were arriving and everyone wanted to jump! they had so much fun with the jump rope!

 madeline and i 

 this was a couple minutes before the service began. the whole place was filled and we were attending the morning service so we heard Pastor Gary preach. diana was translating in a radio thing so we were able to understand the service. the service was contemporary with songs we sing in the States (in Spanish, of course)

 After the service we were able to watch more than ten people get baptized! 

sweet Diana

 this boy.
 This is where our dinner was cooked for us and served everyday

 That night we were given some traditional Dominican sweets. There was a carmel type candy, three kinds of coconut treats, guave (which the kids said tasted like a fruit snack), and a mango sweet.

Brian and I LOVED the coconut/macaroon type sweets and Cailey liked the white hard coconut candy the best.

 Right before it was time to go we heard Joshua (pronounced like Jose only Jo-sway) playing the piano. He was playing so beautifully and invited Cailey to play. She played Pachebel and everyone started coming in to listen. She did a great job!

 We love Joshua and can't wait to see how God uses him!  He is hilarious and was a blast at the youth service. He grew up in the DR and was a Compassion International kid. He is now an ambassador for them and is getting support for his college tuition. Brian found out later that he's on the DR National team for Volleyball and will hopefully make the Olympic team! GO Joshua!

Thanks to facebook I'll be able to keep up with most of our new friends in the DR.

 I meant to take a picture of the Stop sign for Ephram :PARE 

 After church and lunch we went to Las Palmas (the school) for a couple hours of relaxing. There was swimming, basketball, and getting to know new friends.

 Phil throwing Cailey

 jump rope

 I got in the basketball game at the end and even made a basket:)

 When we left, there were a couple hours before the evening church service started so we rested, etc.

 cailey and juila explored the rocks some more

 after we showered and changed I stumbled upon these beauties

 Cailey volunteered to teach the children's lesson and was studying before the service. She taught on Daniel and did a great job! She knew exactly where to pause for the translator too!

 hanging out beforehand

 the group of children

 Cailey teaching the lesson

 after the lesson we broke them into two groups. half of the kids played games led by Nolan, Will, and Nick
 While the other half did a lion craft with Cailey and the girls/women who were helping with the childrens' service

 cailey fell in love with this little girl, Sinde (Cindy)

 Cailey stayed with Sinde when she moved to game time

 their lion puppets

 This is a sweet girl named Fernanda who I met while sewing. She's in 8th grade and has such a servant's heart. She helps with the children's service and sings on the worship team. She can speak English and was super helpful to me during the craft time with translating.

 Diana and the girlies

 Cailey and was hard to get this sweet one to smile and later we found out the reason.
She was taken away from her home not long ago because she was no longer safe there. She lives in
a house (called Lifehouse) with 10 other girls and a married couple who has taken them in as their own. The goal is to have several of these homes with up to 12 girls vs. them being in orphanages. This way they can be loved on and get the attention they need.

 The ladies and Ali (the pastor's wife)

 These are the sweet girls who live at Lifehouse. They came to have ice cream with us on Sunday night.
Brian and him!

On the way back to the resort Sunday night we made a couple stops so the ride was a little longer. This, the late time, and the ice cream made for a fun night of karaoke with the grownups on the bus. (Or maybe just me:). It was so fun and we were laughing hysterically. We went back and packed to go home the next day.

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