Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DR food

 I wasn't overly worried about the food in the DR (being the picky eater that I am) because I thought I'd just eat protein bars if I didn't like it. I learned on day ONE...if you are working for hours then a protein bar isn't enough to fill a cavity!  We were SUPER hungry at lunch and dinner. Thankfully the food was a great mix of American and Dominican. The ladies who cooked for us were so sweet and served us a cooked lunch and dinner everyday.  Our first meal was spaghetti!  I can honestly say I wasn't expecting that in the DR but Allison told me that's what they bring to the beach as their 'go to' meal. ??

There was a salad at every meal too (but it already had dressing on it:)

 This was a meal of SUPER YUMMY chicken (my fav..think chili's), rice, and salad
I'm pretty sure there was another veggie with this but I opted out of getting it.

 Yummy chicken? kabob, potatoes, and a biscuit (and of course salad was offered)

 Plantains, pork and rice?, and salad
Cailey was nervous about the plantain but LOVED it. She said it
tasted like sweet potato to her.

 good ole' hot dog, fruit, salad, and chips

 chicken, mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies

the mashed potatoes were yummy!  mine MAY have been a little sweet because I mistook
sugar for salt. yup. true story. I'm glad I could give everyone something to laugh about:)

our last meal there was a chicken and pasta alfredo with salad...and ice cream for dessert.

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