Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Take Cailey

   On Thursday morning mommy, daddy, and I had to wake up at four o' clock in the morning to meet our mission team at the airport by five. After going through security and eating a quick breakfast I stepped on an airplane for the very first time ever (that I remember). The airplane ride was exciting but the only part that I didn't like was descending because it hurt my ears. When our team landed in Miami we had a three hour layover before our next plane. I talked with some sweet girls my age named Cora, Julia, and Emily who were on our mission trip and ate at Nathan's Hotdog before getting on the plane to the Dominican Republic. On the second flight I was able to sit with Julia and Cora on the plane!

   After landing a kind bus driver named Miguel drove us to our resort. Next he drove us to the Dominican church for a delicious dinner of spagetti, bread, and salad provided by some generous ladies who went to the church we were partnered with. We also got to meet some of the missionaries who were at the church permanently.

     That night after dinner Cherie told us to get our Bibles and notebooks and meet at the beach by seven. Before going to  bed our group had a short bible study and shared our first impressions out loud. My first impression was that there were so many stray dogs all over the streets. Soon after taking a shower I was fast asleep, tired from a long day traveling to the Dominican Republic.

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