Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Visit and a Zoo trip

 We had beautiful weather on our trip to see the Welch's in April!

 These two had such a fun time playing together

 Our eight

The kiddos went to AWANA together since it was a Wednesday night so Laura and I were able to go to dinner and run errands together.

 The next morning we headed to the zoo!  It was freezing in the beginning but warmed up as the day went on.

 these two found a comfy seat

 we got to see the polar bear and it's new habitat!

 Laura and I joked about how they could go on a playground anywhere but we wanted to see the animals!

 There was a new section with a large (gorgeous) natural area and things to play on

 us mamas

 LOVE this picture with the ostrich in the background :)
we were able to see the animals close up this zoo trip!

 The elephant was being fed sweet potatoes so we got to watch him for a long time. We were also able to ask questions to his keeper.

 two monkey's


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