Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday-City Tuesday-Home

     On Monday our plan was to go shop in Santo Domingo and then head to the airport. First Miguel drove us to the market. In the city there were a lot more cars than motorcycles and people were yelling "Come check out our beautiful bracelets!" or "Look at our at our beautiful designs on wood carved by me!"

      Our team stepped into a busy building filled with at least 20 shops in it. We headed to the biggest shop in the building, owned by another man named Miguel. Steve knew him so he promised to give us a bargain if we shopped in his store. When I first walked in the store my eyes saw colorful masks lined up, beautiful paintings, and a lot of handmade items. I had fun looking at everything. I  got to buy a little decoration pot, a doll that matched my friend Cora's, and a bag that was the same kind as one of my other friends, Julia. I also got to pick out souvenirs for my siblings. I got Kinsey a matching doll, Ephram a wooden dog that looks like Frank, and Mommy and Daddy chose a chess set for Braden.

     After eating a bagged lunch in the bus we headed to some historic buildings. Our tour guide, Steve, showed us the forts that were used during wars and dangerous times. We also got to visit the graves of important people. Just like in the United States there was an eternal flame above the unknown graves.

     As we were walking in the park I saw people giving bread to the pigeons and I wanted to do it. Ms. Lora had bread with her so Julia and I fed the pigeons. We held the bread up high in our hands so the birds could see it. Then they flew up and sat on our arms and heads and ate the bread out of our hands. Luckily none of the pigeons went to the bathroom on us!

     As we were walking along the historic buildings some poor boys came up to us and wanted to give us flowers or shine our shoes. Mr. Maxwell let the boy shine his shoes and gave him a dollar. Then the boy kept following us to do it more. I gave him a dollar (from Ms. Lora) then he gave a beautiful purple and yellow flower.

    When our team got to the airport we found out that our flight was delayed until seven o'clock.We asked the front desk people if they could delay the plane in Miami to Raleigh so we wouldn't miss it but they said it probably wouldn't work - nineteen out of two hundred people, the chance is really low. The people were right, the plane in Miami ended up not being delayed. So the plane from Miami to Raleigh left........without us.

That night we flew to Miami really late and only got four hours of sleep. In the morning after eating a little bit of breakfast our team headed to the airport. Finally at 10:45 we got on the plane and flew to Raleigh. It was sad having to say goodbye to the people I had been with for the last six days.

When we got home I was happy to see my siblings again but sad that I had to leave the Dominican Republic friends. That afternoon I took a two hour nap and then watched Frozen. At night I cried because I wished that we could've stayed longer. God taught me to be thankful for what I have at my house because a lot of the things I have other children don't have.

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