Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday my Braden boy!!

9 was Star Wars

It doesn't seem like it's been a year since you turned 9 but the day has come! Today is your 10th birthday and I'm sure Nonny is spoiling you like crazy while we are in the DR on our mission trip. I was hoping your surprise party would've already happened by now but because of sickness and schedules it has to wait. I'm sure you are suspicious... as any child of a 'surpriser' would be, but I hope you will still be surprised.

You love a good surprise just like your mama:) and Oh you LOVE a themed party for sure. You plan a year in advance of what it will be the next year. So fun:).  I gotta say I was sad that we didn't get to make all the decorations and pick everything out together this year since I know how much you love working together on all the plans. But I think you will love it all when May 3rd rolls around.

I wanted to show you how much you've changed and grown through the years and look back at all your fun parties. I love a good cake picture (of you eating it:) so I tried to use a lot of those. You.Love.Chocolate! But you know that of course.

 Legos for 8

 7 was a robot for your 'Science Craze' theme

 6 was a have a love for monkeys and i call you my monkey boy with super sweet kissing cheeks

 5 was race cars

 4 was firetrucks..complete with a field trip to the station

 3 was bugs. Oh how you loved (and still love) everything about bugs

2 was a bunny. It was near Easter and Nonny wanted to make you a bunny cake
so we had an egg hunt and played all kinds of games outside.

 1 was balloons. You loved balloons and constantly pointed at them and wanted to hold them.

and this was the day we met you for the first time. our sweet baby boy

I had so much fun going back and looking at pictures of your life. (And I MAY have wished I had a better camera for the first few years AND that I took more pictures of your party:).

Happy Happy 10th birthday, Braden! I love you to the moon and back times 555!

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